About Killer Clown

Who am I?

So I bet you're wondering what Killer Clown is all about? I "KClown" started killerclown.org to provide a welcoming home for all of the bad, evil, and creepy clown fanatics out there. I feel like the rest of the Internet has shut it's doors on us just to keep us clown lurkers out of sight. So that's why I started to build this fun house that is full of madness on Hallowen 2018.

Along the way, I have seen the horror that exists and reviewed so much clown content that I need to share it with the World. My mission is to provide everyone with outstanding reviews on content so good that you will keep coming back for more. I want to rise the clown community to the web's surface for the world to see.

Whether you have a fears, phobias, fantasies, or just looking for ideas, Killerclown is here to supercharge your senses to the max.


2018 - Killerclown.org has risen from its creator.

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