Creepy Clown Movies on Netflix

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Creepy Clown Movies on Netflix

Did you know that Netflix has a few creepy clown movies available to watch? I went ahead and watched them for you guys to see if they were any good. I would like to share my movie review with you on the following films. Please note that I am not affiliated with Netflix or these movie companies.


Due to the lack of recent clown movies, it was nice to see a new scary clown movie available to watch. I was really happy to see that something made it besides watching IT again. Let me tell you that this clown gives Pennywise a run for its money!

Terrirfier made its debut on the Netflix screen in 2017. Art the Clown is the main character in this story who is played by David Howard Thorton. This movie was also written and directed by Damien Leone.

The storyline is really basic. Art is a twisted clown who seeks out a few young girls for a Halloween horror night and will not stop for anyone who gets in his way. I really like Art the Clown in this film. He makes an awesome villain from start to finish. One thing I did not like about his character was that the writer provided no history or a story about Art's past on why he turned out to be a psychopath. For some, he just looks like another crazy killer clown who wants to stab people to death.

Next, Art first takes a look at his victims which were a couple of young girls in the movie. It's not really a spoiler when a killer goes after a few younger girls in a horror movie. There is not any reason why he chooses them besides the fact that they were the first girls he looks at while walking down the street.

The girls also lack a background in the story. Halloween was just a night planned for partying for these girls. They just end up figuring out that they will be the prey of a maniac clown that is wanted by the police. It really just starts to feel like a hunt and chase game about 20 mins into the movie.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let's talk about why you should see Terrifier. Art himself does such a good job playing this role that is makes you forget about the typical expected horror plot. He has an amusing way of proceeding with his murders. Art used many different types of weapons along the way.

The clown did not speak any words and he would only make body and facial expressions. The facial expressions were defiantly amazing and brought some comedy into the film. Art the clown is so good you will not even care that much about the fact that he has no background. One if the best killer clown roles I have ever seen.

If you're a fan of gore, this movie is also for you. Throughout the whole film, you will see blood and guts. This film is defiantly not for the kids or your sensitive significate other. Just watch this scary clown rip people to shreds. I recommend this film to all of the killer clown fans out there. Just do not pay attention to the storyline and you will be good to go.


We have already reviewed this movie on our killer clown movie blog post. Check out that blog post to find more movies on killer clowns. Stitches is another great horror comedy from a Irish comedian. A clown named Stiches was murdered from an accident at a child's birthday party. Years later Stiches rises from the dead to kill all the teens that were involved in his death.

The Film was Directed by Conor McMahon. This is a more up to date film with plenty of creepy and gory special effects. If you like gore and comedy, this movie is for you. You will get a few good laughs in if you like raunchy humor.

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