Clown Sightings

clown sightings

Clown Sightings

There was a new killer clown craze causing people to dress up as creepy clowns. They would put on costumes and go out into their neighborhoods just to scare people. Did these clowns have a motive? Let’s take a look on what might have caused this craze. The following is what we think the reasons why there was an increase in clown sighitngs around the World.

clown sighting

The start of the clown sightings

We do know that the craze first started in the United States just before Halloween. Next, people in Canada started to dress up as killer clowns and roam the streets. After Canada, people were seeing reports of clown sightings from around the word.

The cause of the sightings

A group of clowns decided to dress up to go scare a group of kids. The kids then went and reported the scary clowns to their parents who then called the authorities. This was the reported beginning of the craze that started a chain reaction for others to participate in creepy clown activity. This cause the clown sightings to spread like wildfire. Social media started to share photos and videos of the clowns online. Also, the purge movie started the popularity of wearing clown masks which became popular with the younger generation.

Videos of the clown sightings

The killer clown craze went viral. Youtube was one of the main platforms that the clowns used to share their terror. Just search for killer clowns on Youtube and you will be able to see a huge list of creepy clowns going around scaring people or just standing around acting creepy. Pranks were becoming the main focus of the clown youtubers. Many of them would create a horror scenarios that would scare innocent people that were just walking around in public areas. Most of the reports ended up being pranks and jokes once the people started to see the videos.

clown sightings

Effects from the sightings

One effect was there was more of a concern for people with coulrophobia which is the phobia of clowns. The New Zealand Herald also reported that Ronald McDonald would be shown less on McDonald’s advertisements. Costume businesses started to see a large spike in clown costume sales. Masks and makeup were being shipped all around the world. Killer clowns started to be more popular for Halloween that ever before.

It was also reported that certain areas started to ban clown costumes and masks just because of the increase in sightings. Certain Schools just put a zero tolerance ban on masks alone.

Show Business monetizing from clown sightings

It is very obvious that show business has made plenty of money off of scary clowns in there movies and television shows. You might recognize a few of these titles. American Horror Story had dedicated the freak show season which had the killer clown Twisty as one of their main stars. Netflix started to host movies such as Stitches and Terrifier which were both clown horror movies.

Let’s not forget the remake of Steven Spielberg’s IT movie that was a hit nationwide. There is also a sequel for IT that has a release date set for late September 2019. If you started a killer clown youtube channel from the clown sightings you had a chance to gain a huge following just from creating fake pranks for laughs which would gain massive views. It pays to be a Clown!

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