Disclosure Statement

Killer Clown exists to provide the readers with clown topics that add value to the community. I choose content that has a general purpose and that is written by me or a guest author on the website.

Compensation Disclosure

It is my intention to provide full disclosure. I use affiliate advertising from many different organizations on this website Killerclown.org. When affiliate links are clicked and items are purchased, I recieve commisions from the affiliate organization. This helps me to continue to provide new content for everyone.

Killer Clown Mission

I will never promote anything or provide services for others that go outside of our clown related posts. I want to continue to serve the readers and post killer content.

If you like Killerclown.org, please look through the content and click on links and purchase some offers from our affiliates that you like. I love to post clown content and its nice to have some compensation from time to time for my effort..