Kids Pennywise Costume

pennywise DIY kids costume costumes

Kids Pennywise Costume

Looking for killer clown costume ideas for your kid? Well look no further, were going to show you how to dress your kid up as pennywise from the movie IT. Some of these steps can be purchased online while others can be a do it yourself DIY costume.

The kids Pennywise costume idea can be used for all ages. Adults can do this too. The images on this page is for reference to the looks of what you will need. These images are to help you with the visualizations for recreating Pennywise like clown costume.

How to DIY for kids Pennywise costume

The kids pennywise costume is going to be an easy DIY costume. However, this idea will require you to purchase a few items that you will have to piece together. You may need to alter some of these items accordingly to recreate the kids pennywise costume. The first thing you will need to find it clothes that look close to what pennywise wore in the movie. Walmart sells a child version of this costume but it will be labeled Child's Boys Evil Creepy Scary Carnival Circus Clown Costume on their website.

The following picture is what the clothes will look like. I recommend that you use this as a base to work off of. You might need to tailor it to fit the kids better depending on their size. If you want to give it more of a girl look, just use a white dress instead of the pants.

kids pennywise costume

The next thing that you will need to do is buy a wig that looks like Pennywises hair. If your kid has hair that can be temporarily styled that would be an easier way. Just style and spray in some non-permanent red hair coloring that you can buy from any party store. Boys and Girls can get away with spraying their own hair or buying a short wig. Girls can also purchase long red hair wigs for the long hair look. If you don’t like the long hair look, just cut and style the wig yourself. The following wig can be found at places like Party City for example.

kids pennywise costume wig

Another item that you can purchase will be a clown nose. I only recommend this if you do not like painting you entire face. However, pennywise does not use one of these in the latest movie.
Painting your nose red will look more realistic. Please make sure you pick some nontoxic face paint if you decide on painting your face. The rest of the kids face will need to be painted with white face paint. Once again pick out some nontoxic face paint to use. If you do not want to paint your face, you can buy a plain white face mask and paint that with red paint yourself.

killer clown nose

The face paint is the best way to achieve the Pennwise look because that’s how it was done in the movies. For the rest of the face, use the same red face paint as you did for the nose to complete the lines above and below the eyes. The best way to paint the lines is with a brush. Just paint the line on top of the white face paint.

kids pennywise costume facepaintkids pennywise costume white

The last part is easy. All you need is some nice red balloons. Just go to any party store and buy a few red balloons with some white string. Make your you buy a few extra balloons just in case if your kids accidently pop a few of them. Now you have completed the kids pennywise costume.


Having two kids can make this costume better. Have the second kid dress up in a yellow raincoat to look like Georgie. All you need to do it buy a yellow raincoat and some rain boots. This is the perfect combo to run around with for any costume occasion. A killer clown kid pennywise is an awesome idea for Halloween.

Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures.


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