Real Killer Clowns

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Real life Killer Clowns

When people think about killer clowns, they think about the horror movies that they originated from. Newer horror films have brought back the killer clown craze one again. Some people are unware that Killer clowns actually exist in real life. We would like to share with you who the real killer clowns that exist around the world. So here are some real life evil clowns who killed.

Sheila Warren

This lady is twisted. One day she just decides to dress up like a clown and kills her own sister in front of her niece and nephew. It was in 1990 were this killers sister Marlene Warren was just having a normal peaceful morning with her kids in Florida. She was making breakfast for the kids. The family heard a knock on the door so Marlene decided to go see who was at her house. Well little did she know that she was about to meet a killer clown.

When she opened the door, there was a clown standing there holding some flowers and balloons. Then all of a sudden the clown at the door pulls out a gun and shoots Marlene. Unfortunately, her kids watched the whole thing from inside the house. The evil clown then took off in a car and drove away from the scene of the murder. Marlene had been tragically shot right in the face.

Check out the latest video on her case from CBS News.

Law enforcement looked for this clown for twenty seven years. Finally some additional evidence appeared in 2017. Crime scene specialists found some DNA evidence and a witness came forth to provide extra details of the crime. This evidence led to the arrest of Sheila Warren. This clown is not hanging out in jail waiting for her death penalty sentence to go through. There is still one more fact that you should know about how twisted this killer clown was. She had the nerve to marry her sister's husband twelve years after the murder took place. This lady obviously had mental problems. The images of crime scene photos have been made public due to a records request with the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office in Florida. This was her smiling in her booking photo above.

John Wayne Gacy AKA POGO the Clown

Say hello to the bad guy. This killer clown has to be the most famous of them all. In fact Gacy is one of the most popular serial killers in the United States. Gacy dressed up as Pogo the clown to hunt for his prey. Gacy preyed on teenage boys. This guy actually killed 33 of them to be exact. Authorities finally caught him in 1980. Pogo was sent to prison and then later died by lethal injection.

This creepy clown was so sick that he hid 29 of the dead boys bodies on his property. Law enforcement had to dig up and or remove all of the copses from Gacy's property. Gacy was actually was seen as a loving family man who loved to be a clown and perform for the children. But he was just really doing that to get close to his victims.

If you were a fan of Pennywise the clown you need to know that Gacy had inspired Stephen King for the creation of Pennywise. Even know this guy was a psycho, he was also smart enough to get away with so many murders for a long time until being caught. If you like documentaries, there are plenty available online for you to choose from.

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