Scary Clown Costume

scary clowns DIY costume

Scary Clown Costume

Are you looking for some scary clown costume Ideas? You have come to the right place. We have listed the best scary clown costume ideas. These killer clown costumes can either be purchased or created by you. We have posted many costume pictures from different costume manufacturers. Please note that has no affiliation with these costume vendors.

Twisty the Clown

Check out this Twisty the Clown costume idea. This is a cheaper costume idea that needs some killer clown love. Some extra makeup can turn this costume into a freak show. Make sure you change your hair to give yourself a better Twisty look. This is a popular idea because of the success of American Horror Story. You can watch the Freak Show season for more Ideas for your costume.

Scary Clown in Street Jacket

This is a cool idea to look like a crazy clown that should be locked up in a padded room. Just cross your arms and then you can go run around screaming at your friends party to scare everyone. You should purchase additional blood makeup for this costume. You can also spike your hair up and spray it with some colored dye.

The Bleeding Clown

Are you looking for a Gory look? You can make a costume like this look as gory as you desire. The costume has blood all over it! I suggest that you buy more fake blood to put it on your shoes and face to give it a more realistic look. Costume prop purchases would also go great with this bleeding clown look. Just buy a fake knife or better yet some creepy clown toy that could be used as a gory object for killing. This one for sure will scare the kids.

Laughing Clown of Death

Killer costume with a smile. This scary costume is a combination of humor meets murderer. If you have a distinctive laugh this costume would be perfect for you. The clown mask itself is huge and the mouth makes it perfect. You will need to wear some dark gloves and boots for this idea. I would also add some more blood. You can never have enough blood.


You can buy Pennywise costumes or create your own. We have a DIY post for how to create the Pennywise look here. The Pennywise costume is the most popular scary clown costume. The DIY version of this costume will provide you with the best results for scare factor.

DIY Makeup

Here are some ideas that have been done by individuals with just makeup. This is the best way to get creative and find something unique. Another benefit of using makeup is that you do not have to wear any masks which can be hot or reduce your breathing and vision. Come up with your own scary clown look that shock your friends and family. Don't forget that you do not always have to choose the killer clown look. Sometimes, scary clowns can look sad and depressed or even overly happy. Mix and match to create a new twisted idea.

I hope some of these ideas are able to inspire you to have the best scary clown costume for Halloween. The more time that you put into your costume will provide you with better results.

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