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Twisty the Clown American Horror Story

Twisty the Killer Clown

Are you a Twisty the Clown fan? In this post, we take a closer look at Twisty the killer clown from American Horror Story. Who Played Twisty

Twisty is a fictional clown that is played by the actor John Carrol Lynch. Behind the scary clown makeup, you will recognize Lynch from his other Television roles such as The Drew Carey Show or Carnival. He does a phenomenal job playing this role.

History of Twisty

He started out as a small child who suffered from a mental disorder. He was raised in the small town of Jupiter Florida. Once he was old enough, he decided to be a clown to entertain children so he joined a traveling carnival.

Twisty enjoyed bringing happiness to children but there was a couple of carnies that did not like what he was about. The carnies end up going around spreading rumors that he was only acting as a clown so he could touch children inappropriately. Twisty became soon aware that he was unwanted by his fellow entertainers because of this nasty lie about him so he ran away from the carnival.

Work was hard to find but Twisty stayed determined to find work. He went back to where he was from to build clown toys out of scrap garbage. He would go around to the different toy stores while wearing his same old clown outfit to sell his toys.

The toy store did not like his toys and refused to buy them. He soon figured out that none of the stores or kids wanted to play with his toys. This made him instantly depressed and started to fill his mind with bad memories from his past.

Twisty ran back to the woods in Jupiter to his abandoned bus home. He then put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. The shotgun blast instantly blew off a major portion of his lower face. After a quick look in the mirror, he instantly crafted a mask to wear to cover up the gaping hole in his face.

Main role

The clown’s main role is a serial killer in the TV series. You can watch him on season 4, the American Horror Story Freak Show. He doesn’t talk much but he does make plenty of creepy clown noises throughout the episodes. One of his famous quotes is “I’m a good clown”.

The whole time he goes around kidnapping children and killing people believing that he is helping the children and that he is a good human being. Twisty would kidnap children and take him back to the woods in his bus and put his victims in cages.

He also seeks revenge from the toy store by murdering the owner and another young man that worked in the store. This scene was gory and twisted just how we like it. Later a rich women hires him to perform for her spoiled son who ends up getting hit in the head by Twisty.

Dandy the rich kid, soon follows twisty back to the woods and helps him catch the escaped kidnapped victims. Later, Dandy helps the clown put on a show for the kids. Throughout the rest of the show, the clowns murder several more people who cross their paths.

The End of Twisty

On Halloween night, Elsa opens and plays at the freak show. The performance causes the ghost of Edward Mordrake to be summoned. Edward made Twisty tell him his sad story of the rumors, lies, suicide attempt and his killings.
After the story, Mordrake’s second head that was demonic calls for the death of the killer clown. Edward then stabbed twisty multiple times until he died. But was this really the end?

The Ghost of Twisty

After his death, he was invited to join Edward and the group of all the murdered freaks that were also killed by Edward. He joins the group of ghosts as the clown he once loved to be. You can see that his face is back to normal and that he is happy again.

Later References

If you would like to see more of this scary clown you can. Go check out the Cult season of American Horror Story. You will find a couple of Twisty references throughout the series. The Cult season also features a cult who dresses up as killer clowns to commit murdered for their agenda. I recommend that you watch this series.

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